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Ecos Lemongrass Hand Soap

Lemon grass hand soap is a refreshing, all-natural hand soap that is perfect for people who love to get their hands dirty. This so-called "hygienic soap" is made with lemongrass and orange blossoms which are all natural ingredients that help to soothe and relax the skin. The lemongrass and orange blossom ingredients are suppose to be effective against all types of bacteria, while the lemon grass is supposed to help to leave a healthy and fresh feeling on the skin.

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Our ecos lemongrass hand soap is made of organic lemongrass and organic ingredients, and is hypoallergenic. Our soap is hand-poured into each bottle, and then top-up with your favorite soap. No mess, no waste- we’ve got just what you need. Our bottle of hand soap is also vegan, gluten-free, and non-toxic. Our bottle of ecos lemongrass hand soap is also vegan, we hope you'll enjoy our hand soap as much as we enjoy making it! ecos lemongrass hand soap is made with 100% pure lemongrass, which is a known sensititive plant. The luxurious lemongrass fragrance is sure to please any scent lover. 此商品是全新型的ecos lemongrass hand soap,是对对面的催波糖, 浓密的lemongrass染 are you looking for a environmentally friendly and healthy hand soap? then this is the pack of three for you! Lemongrass is popular among health professionals because it is a healing ointment and is also said to be power effective. The lemongrass in the soap is used to get rid of negativity and worries, while the lemongrass oil is used to clear the skin and to help it to feel smooth and soft. this earth friendly hand soap is made with lemongrass and other fresh ingredients. Our soap is made to leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and healthy.