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Bergamot Hand Soap

This body work is part of our bergamot line and is gentle and foaming. Our 8. 75 fl oz. Bar is bath ready with a sour and almond smell. The balance of the soap is sure to leave your body feeling clean and fresh.

Bergamot Hand Soap Walmart

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Top 10 Bergamot Hand Soap

Bergamot is the perfect scent for any soap program, and this hand soap gives the perfect touch of green with green soap. The 8. 75 fl oz. Body work from body works is perfect for those who want a gentle foaming hand soap that will leave their hands feeling alive. this bergamot hand soap is sure to leave your hand looking and feeling young and fresh! With its sparkling, fresh-faced whiff, this soap is perfect for opening up all those dormant corner of your body. Rounding off the fresh, bergamot character is the chipke of lavender and lavender petals in this recipe. Finally, cold-pressed oil is used to give the soap its lovely, creamy texture. the bergamot hand soap is designed to leave your hands feeling dry and rejuvenated. With its blend of black chamomile and bergamot, the soap will help to soothe andive through your next bath. The 16. 9 oz. Bar is packed with dried bergamot flowers, vetuscans and bergamot essential oils, making it one of the most luxurious hand wash soaps on the market. Whether your hand is tired from work or just need a little comfort, this bergamot hand soap is sure to please!